Rediscover your strength and vitality with Aria Revive. Our brand represents a new dawn in holistic wellness and active lifestyle support. We understand that life is a continuous journey of highs and lows. 

Aria Revive is committed to being by your side, empowering you to reach your peak performance and wellbeing. 

Through our high-quality, high-potency CBD products, we offer a natural way to restore balance, relieve discomfort, and revive your body's natural rhythm. Our promise is simple - to provide an effective and trustworthy path to recovery and relaxation.


Rapid Muscle Recovery

Natural Pain Relief

Supports Better Sleep 

Aids Stress Management


Enhances Skin Health


Discover the power of resilience with Aria Revive's CBD Sport Balm, your ally in recovery and relief. Designed for champions, warriors, and everyday heroes with physically demanding roles or chronic pain, our balm is here to revive and renew your vigor. Our high-potency balm harnesses CBD's natural properties to aid an active body, whether you're on the field, at work, or on your daily run. Experience the refreshing, cooling effect that enhances massages and brings instant relief to hard-working muscles. Breathe in the revitalizing menthol vapor that awakens the senses.


Explore the power of nature with Aria Revive's collection of premium CBD topicals. From our luxurious anti-aging cream and restorative mother of pearl cream to our acclaimed massage oil and restoring cream, each product is meticulously crafted for ultimate skincare benefits. Imbued with high-quality CBD, our topicals help to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, turning back the hands of time and lending a youthful glow. With Aria Revive, indulge in skincare that not just looks good, but feels incredible.


Elevate your wellbeing with Aria Revive's CBD tinctures, a collection designed to enhance your everyday life. Our range includes CBD and CBD + Melatonin, CBG tinctures with strengths up to an unrivaled 6000mg per bottle. Crafted for those seeking tranquility, the CBD + Melatonin blend is your aid for a night of deep, restful sleep. Our CBG and CBD tinctures, renowned for their relaxing properties, can help you unwind and navigate through your day with ease. 

Why Choose Aria Over Other Brands?


In-house Laboratory

Unlike most brands that simply white label their products, we manufacture our own at Riverleaf Biotech, our state-of-the-art ODA-certified facility. This ensures unrivaled quality control and transparency from seed to shelf.


Up to 6000mg per bottle

With CBD isolate sourced directly from our own production facility, Aria Revive's products come with an assurance of a higher CBD concentration, far surpassing the potency of typical market offerings. Unlike others that fall short of their claims, our products live up to their promise, ensuring effectiveness and superior results for you.


Wide Product Range

Aria Revive isn't just a product - it's a holistic wellness solution. With our unique range of products, from sport balms to topicals to tinctures, we cater to your diverse needs.


Exceptional Customer Service

We craft our products keeping you, our customer, at the heart of our operations. Whether you're an athlete, a professional with a demanding job, or someone managing chronic pain, Aria Revive is designed to enhance your quality of life.


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